Low Sugar Easy Healthy Breakfast Cereal

Mulberry Tree brand Crispy Apple Paleo
Mulberry Tree brand Crispy Apple Paleo

A recommended low sugar easy healthy breakfast for kids is the Mulberry Tree brand healthy breakfast cereal Crispy Apple Paleo Muesli.

This is not a typical muesli and kids love it because it fruity , crunchy and tasty. And unlike most commercial cereals brands found in the major supermarkets, it’s NOT 25-30% sugar.

    Key Features:-

  • Low Sugar
  • Natural Wholefoods
  • Paleo (no cereal grains)
  • Gluten Free
  • Buy direct in bulk and get delivery at a discount.

Order Crispy Apple Paleo Gluten Free Muesli direct from the wholesale muesli suppliers via Opera Foods Online Gourmet store.