Our Story

Once upon a time children would enjoy a drinks like cold chocolate milk while they played with a toy, and a hearty breakfast cereal. All seemed to be well with this nutritious treat, milk had the calcium & vitamins that we want them to eat and cereals were full of good grains Right?. But all of a sudden there came a surprise, children hyped up on sugar began to arise! The children they screamed with excitement & bounced from wall to wall, on their parents they pounced! Crayons and coloring books flew through the air, as parents sought refuge under a table or chair.

The parents they cried out for help with this issue, but all they were handed was a hug and a tissue. But then came along the vitarium.com.au team suggestion natural and wholefoods that could give people real vitality, parents were amazed by their wondrous dream! A low sugar or sugar free option that their kids would love! 100% natural, oh great heavens above! No artificial flavorings or colors too!

An option for mum & dad with calories few! A guilt free treat the family can enjoy, try some vitarium.com.au suggestions to share in their joy!

Vitarium recommends natural wholefood healthy breakfast cereal like Mulberry Tree brand available online from wholesale granola manufacturers Opera Foods